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A little bit of history

Being an integral part to the fashion industry for 3 decades, the history of the family - run SGS is a chronicle of development of a successful company and a testimonial of the visionaries who led the company over generations.

SGS Innovations looks back on its 38 years of successful company history, characterised by innovation and consistently advancing globalisation and core values that moulded the ethos of the organisation.

in 1979 in Gujarat, India, SGS Innovations has always been committed to the production of high quality embroidery threads.

It all started with Bholanath R. Ningoo, a small-time trader of embroidery materials, who started off his successful stint as a first-generation en trepreneur with a small store and witness its remarkable growth, under his able stewardship.

In 1981, the renowned brand Bandhu came into existence to cater the need of discerning customers looking for quality yarn products, then unavailable in the Indian market.

In 1984, his brother Chandrasen R. Ningoo, joined the family business and established Bandhu as a reputable brand in India and abroad. The company grew by leaps and bounds as SGS products made their way across Gujarat and other states, and eventually reached abroad.

In 1991, to meet the rising demand, a new production base was established in Baroda, under the leadership of Deepak B. Ningoo.

The decade of 1991-2002 saw the growth of hand embroidery industry in Baroda. With the consistent quality, fast colour and tenacity of SGS yarn, brand Bandhu was acknowledged industry-wide as the supplier of premium quality yarn.

The year of 2002 was the birth of year of computerized embroidery industry in India. This resulted in need for producing threads with specific tenacity and quality so as to optimize the output of each embroidery machine. Kamal Ningoo studied the operational obstacles and the need of his clients, and established an innovation-led R&D unit at the plant. This investment soon began to pay richdividends.

From 2009 till date, Kajal K. Ningoo has been an integral part of the company, focusing clearly on strategic administration and management.

SGS' international presence proves to be a major benefit for offering new trends, proximity to markets, on-time shipments, access to the latest products and raw materials, and design solutions tailored to meet the needs of local markets. As a premier multinational producer of high-quality threads, SGS is focused on discovering and establishing new trends and styles. By combining innovation with aesthetics, SGS is proud to provide its clients with the tools necessary to exercise their inexhaustible creativity

  • 1979

    Shri Gannath Stores (SGS) opened its first full-suite embroidery store in Delhi to cater to the embroidery units in the vicinity. The group adopted an attractive corporate identity that spells our business philosophy, and we continue to be recognised as a pioneering yarn manufacturer in the country.

  • 1981

    SGS Innovations began to rapiddly diversify into allied sector. An ultra-modern, fully-equipped production unit was set-up in Delhi and we began to be recognised as an end-to-end Embroidery solutions provider.

  • 1987

    We received and executed our first international order.

  • 1991

    A production base got established in Vadodara (Baroda), the cultural capital of Gujarat, India.

  • 1994

    We inaugurated our embroidery store in Gujarat, Vadodara.

  • 1996

    For the first time in the embroidery industry, SGS Innovations launched four color printed duplex boxes.

  • 2001

    We decided it was time to re-brand ourselves anad repositioned ourselves with a brand new corporate identity and packaging style, Y-cones which is a new packing technology for our industry. Our present logo fully communicates our green environment policy and business philosophy.

  • 2010

    We have expanded our footprint across India and ourseas, and built and exclusive platform for various stakeholders in our industry, such as Fashion Designers, Designing Institues, Embroidery and Garment Manufacturers and others associated with the embroidery industry.

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